Incentives Program

Daily FST Incentives

There are currently no FST incentives.

How To Earn Incentives


1. Trade Fee Rewards

Trade fee incentives are distributed daily based on your volume of trade fees compared to the rest of the trade fee volume.

2. Open Interest Rewards

Open interest incentives are distributed continuously on your leveraged open position, as a ratio to the rest of the open interest at a given moment. Two positions that have the same collateral amount, but different leverages will earn rewards at different rates. A 10x leveraged trade would earn 5 times the amount of rewards as a 2x leveraged, for example.

Protocol LPs

Each exchange has an internal liquidity pool and a corresponding Uniswap pool. The internal liquidity pool enables leveraged trading on Uniswap, earns trade fees, and has low risk of impermanent loss. The corresponding Uniswap pool requires active management, but also earns more incentives for the effort.

1. Futureswap Liquidity Provider Rewards

Futureswap liquidity pool incentives are earned continuously based on the ratio of liquidity you're providing compared to the rest of the pool. You can view available pools on the pools page.

Claiming Incentives

All incentives can be claimed immediately. There is no lockup period.

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