Revert Reasons

Common Reverts:

  • "PBL": Price received was broke bound required by trader

  • "IVS":

    • Not enough Futureswap liquidity

    • The trade was bankrupt after the changePosition( ) call

    • Uniswap did not send us the right amount of tokens (unlikely)

    • Several low level issues (out of gas, bad tokens, etc.) (unlikely)

  • "L": Trade would be liquidatable after the action

  • "SJW": Would occur for an opening trade and never a closing that is using too much Futureswap liquidity. Reduce trade size

Uncommon Reverts:

  • "ES": Exchange Stopped. No action can occur

  • "ENN": Exchange is Paused. Only closing a trade and removing liquidity can occur

  • "SP": Not a liquidatable trade

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