Providing Liquidity

How you can start interacting with Futureswap.

For liquidity providers, go to and select a pool. Next you’ll want to deposit funds into your Futureswap wallet. With “Step 1” selected, enter the amount of asset and stable you want to add to the pool and click the button to add to the Futureswap wallet.

Wait for the system to sync and then proceed to deposit liquidity to the pool in “Step 2”. The final step is clicking on “Deposit liquidity to pool” and signing the transaction. After this part is complete pat yourself on the back because you're in 🎉.

For traders, go to and deposit into the Futureswap wallet. Click deposit and sign the message. This will send the transaction to our node and our system will put it on chain. After confirmation your funds are in you can now start trading.

Futureswap was designed to be a platform for large traders and arbitrageurs. With this in mind and based on the current slippage parameters Futureswap should have better price execution for a $1M trade than Bitmex, Binance and dydx after 50m in liquidity.

Pool size limits

As a team we decided to cap the pools to limit the exposure of risk. As Futureswap matures and we feel more comfortable with the safety of the protocol we will increase the limit as a community.