Futureswap Token (FST)

What is FST?

FST is a governance token that's earned through usage of Futureswap. It can be used in our system for voting and, in the future, trade fee discounts. Under-the-hood, FST is a standard ERC-20 token contract from Open Zepplin's upgradability admin proxy and a snapshot token that is mintable. There will be 100,000,000 FST minted over the course of 9 years, distributed to users, investors, and the team.

Earning FST

16,333 FST are distributed daily for usage of the platform.

  • 9,750 are distributed to traders

  • 5,250 are distributed to liquidity providers.

  • 1,333 are distributed to Uniswap ETH/FST LP token stakers

You can also view the current rates on the rewards page https://exchange.futureswap.com/rewards


Traders earn FST based on on their volume as a ratio to total trade volume for that day. A close trade event trade event must happen for that trade to be counted for the daily volume

Trader Example:

Trade volume

Your volume

FST earned

Day 1



1300 FST

Day 2




Day 3



520 FST




1820 FST

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers earn FST based on their liquidity provided as a ratio to the total amount of liquidity provided for that day. In for liquidity to be counted it must be in for one full epoch (before the day starts till after the day ends)

Liquidity Provider Example:

Total Liquidity

Your liquidity

FST earned

Day 1



46.7 FST

Day 2



51.9 FST

Day 3



40 FST




138.6 FST


Uniswap ETH/FST liquidity providers can earn FST by staking their liquidity tokens in the incentivized staking contract on our rewards page. By staking your Uniswap liquidity tokens, you'll begin immediately earning FST.

Claiming FST

FST rewards will accumulate after each epoch and can then be can be claimed at any time on the rewards page