Ethereum mainnet contract addresses


ETH/USDC: 0x8fA7490cedB7207281a5ceabee12773046dE664E


Wallet: 0xd1Ed35A3Ee043683A1833509dE8f2C1A0d8777B7


FST: 0x0E192d382a36De7011F795Acc4391Cd302003606


Address: 0xeF9D095CD04e4e8240771B5fdcb8f2F74d0815fF

FsToken(Token Logic): The logic that runs the FST token contract

FsProxyAdmin: The proxy admin OpenZeppelin standard for proxy contracts

FsTokenProxy(FST): The actual proxy that points to the token logic

Registry: The Registry holds all important addresses and permissions for all exchanges and support contracts

ReplayTracker: Replay Tracker stores unique ID’s sent in with each user interaction to ensure they cannot be used twice causing any double spends

Voting: The primary contract to create, cast votes and resolve all upgrades, parameter modifications etc.

Incentives: The contract responsible for tracking, storing, and issuing all FST incentives